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Indoor Group Ltd - Kesko Group acquired majority stake in Indoor Group in January 2005. In June 2017 Kesko Corporation sold Indoor Group to a company owned by Sievi Capital Oyj, three franchising entrepreneurs from the Sotka chain and Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Indoor Group Ltd (formerly Asko Furniture Ltd) was established in April 1999 when Asko's furniture operations were acquired by a capital fund managed by Sponsor Capital Oy. The entire Sotka shareholding had already been acquired by the fund in February of the same year. The operations of the group's two retail chains differ from one another in that Asko has been profiled as a chain of home furniture and interior furnishings products while Sotka focuses on furniture sales. Efforts to benefit from synergies that enhance group operations have been continued and joint support functions have fine-tuned both chains into highly efficient service organisations. One of the key restructuring measures taken in the last years was the consolidation of the Asko and Sotka chains' separate product management, marketing and sales operations.

Asko was set up by cabinet maker Aukusti Asko-Avonius in 1918 when he founded Lahti Joinery Factory. The factory's operation differed from other carpenter's shops, because Avonius concentrated from the very beginning in serial production and in creating an own retail outlet chain.

Sotka's brand was launched in 1959. The company called Sotka Oy had a wide variety of products and it was the third biggest furniture manufacturer in Finland at the turn of 1990. Sotka's own personnel acquired the company's business activities in 1993 and continued operation under the name Sotka Finland Oy.

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