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Privacy policy (GDPR)

The personal data of jobseekers is collected during recruitment and employee selection. This privacy policy explains which data is collected and the purposes for processing the data. Article 30 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

1. Controller
Indoor Group AS
Contact details
Peterburi tee 50c
EE-11415 Tallinn, Estonia

2. Person responsible for data processing and/or contact person
Taive Tohvri
Tel +372 563 63969

3. Name of the register
Recruitment register of Indoor Group AS

4. Purposes of processing personal data
Jobseeker’s data is processed in systems that meet the needs of the personnel management of the company. Personal data may also be processed for the management and development of databases.

Recruitment databases and data sets

  • Jobseekers’ portal (partner register of Indoor Group AS)
  • Folders of recruitment managers

5. Data content of the register
The register includes data that is required for the recruitment and selection process:

  • employee’s name
  • contact information – phone number and e-mail address
  • files prepared and sent by the employee – application, CV, etc.
    • The jobseeker publishes more detailed information in these files and this information is kept confidential, as is the information of other jobseekers.

6. Conventional sources of data
The data is obtained from the jobseeker. A recruitment manager who recruits employees via the portal sees the data as a logged in user. There are no other conventional data sources.

7. Conventional transfer of data
Jobseekers’ data is not transferred to third parties.

8. Storage and erasure of data
Jobseekers’ data is stored during the recruitment and selection process and thereafter, with the consent of the jobseeker, for an agreed upon period for the purpose of possible future use. Unnecessary data will be deleted.

9. Principles of protecting the register
Only employees whose duties involve data processing have the right to use data-containing systems and process data. Each employee has a personal username and password. Access rights are limited based on use levels and individual access rights which correspond to the employee’s duties and authorisation to process the relevant data. All employees who process personal data are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

Indoor’s databases and equipment used for the exchange of data are located in closed rooms. Data is properly backed up to prevent potential problems in data storage. Firewalls are used to protect the databases against external access attempts.

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Protection Act, data is only transferred to identified employees who have requested information about themselves, to managers for the performance of their duties, or to officials due to an obligation to provide information.

Jobseeker data is processed by the recruitment manager and their supervisor and only to the extent required for the performance of their duties in their unit/region. Some of the data is included in the supervisor’s e-mail, which is username- and password-protected. Some job advertisements are published at, our partner portal, which the recruitment manager can use with their password-protected account.

10. Rights of the data subject
Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, the data subject is entitled to:

  • verify their data
  • request rectification of erroneous or incomplete data
  • request deletion of their data, where permitted by law
  • prohibit and restrict processing of their data (e.g. for marketing purposes)
  • receive information in electronically readable format
  • refrain from being subject to automated profiling and decision-making if this could affect their rights.

All requests related to data protection must be submitted in writing (e.g. via e-mail) to the contact person.

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